Technology played a crucial role in determining the outcome of world war II . Much of it was developed during the interwar years of the 1920s and 1930s, some was developed in response to lessons learned during the war, and some was beginning to be developed as the war ended. The massive research and development demands of the war had a great impact on the scientific community. A vast array of technology was employed, as different nations and different units found themselves equipped with different levels of technology. Military technology developments spanned across all areas of industry.

Almost all types of technology were utilized, although major developments were:

  • Weaponry; including ships, vehicles, aircraft, artillery, rocketry, small arms, and biological, chemical and atomic weapons.

  • Logistical support; including vehicles necessary for transporting soldiers and supplies, such as trains, trucks, and aircrafts.

  • Communications and intelligence; including devices used for navigation, communication, remote sensing and espionage.

  • Medicine; including surgical innovations, chemical medicines, and techniques

  • Industry; including the technologies employed at factories and production/distribution centers

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