Between the years of 1914 and the spring of 1917, where the European nations became involved in a conflict. This conflict became known as World War One. While the United States remained neutral, armies moved across Europe. Woodrow Wilson was elected President for a second termexternal image primar12.jpg in 1916. Mainly because of the slogan "He Kept us out of War". Some of the events in 1917 would change the hope of those words.
It was in Feburary that Germany broke its pledge to limit submarine warfare. Because the Germans broke the pledge, the United States severed diplomatic relations with Germany.
January 1917, some british cryptographers deciphered a telegram. He was from Germany. He was a Foreign minister, Authur Zimmerman. This went to the German Minister of Mexico.This man is known as Von Ecknardt. Ecknardt offered the United states territory in Mexico. This offer was in return for rejoining the German cause. The message helped pull the United states into the war. This changed history. The telegram had a major impact on the American people's opinion. The British waited until Feb. 24 to show the telegram to Woodrow Wilson. The United States congress finally declared war on Germany and Germany's allies on April 6,1917. The United States did this after the American press published news of the telegram on March 1.

This is a decifered telegram

This is the deciphered telegram.