1916_antiWilsonToon56962.jpgOnce WWI broke out in Europe, President Woodrow Wilson said that the United states would stay out of the European affairs and we would remain neutral. Woodrow issued a declaration of United States neutrality. He called upon the American people to support him by not taking sides. Woodrow Wilson hoped that the United States would remain neutral and continue trading with the warring nations. He thought that there was no reason to intervene with the European affairs. Wilson noticed that the immigrant populations came from the nations that are currently at war. By the 1915, we were linked ecomically to the allies.
Wilson's plan to be impartial was dwindling as we drew closer to Britian and also France,
the message that he sent to the senate, on August 19,1914. He voiced his belief saying that America should be Impartial and Peaceful. "Every man who really loves America will act and speak in the true spirit of neutrality, which is the spirit of impartiality and fairness and friendliness to all concerned The United States must be neutral in fact,...We must be impartial in thought, as well as action." The people of the United States were suppose to remain a neutral country. They did this by holding strongly to the tradition of Jefferson and washington.

Kalyn B.