fs_LeagueOfNationsBuilding.jpgnac_leaguenations_20920.jpgThe League of Nations was started after the end of World War One. This group of people had one simple goal, to never have a war of this size again. Many people looked to the League of Nations to bring stability to the world after the Treaty of Versailles caused so much drama. America entered WWI in 1917 and they were shocked by all the man slaughter going on in countries that were thought to be civil. The only way to keep something like WWI to happen again was to create an international group of nations whose sole purpose was to keep peace and settle international disputes. This became the task of the League of Nations.
The League of Nations was based in Geneva, Switzerland. The reason they chose Switzerland was because it was a neutral country and did not fight in the war. No one could dispute this choice because groups like the Red Cross were already based there.
If a dispute did occur between nations the League of Nations could do one of three things, these things were called sanctions.
1. It could call on the states or nations in the dispute to sit down and discuss the problem in a peaceful, orderly way. They would do this in the League's Assembly which was like the Parliament that would decide on what to do about the problems.
2. If the states or nations in dispute didn't listen to the Assembly's decision, the League could introduce economic sanctions that would be arranged by the League's Council. The point of this was to hit the nations with financial problems so they would have to do what the League wanted.
3. The League could order other nations and people in the League to not by or trade with the nations in dispute until they nation did what they were told. But if this failed the League could introduce physical sanctions. The physical sanctions meant that an army could come in and enforce what the League wanted done. The only two armies left after WWI were Britain's and France's, but both were depleted from the war.
The country whose president had the idea for the League of Nations refused to join it. America was the strongest and most powerful nation in the world this was a hard blow for the League. America's refusal to join in though was supporting their isolationist policy throughout the world. Germany wasn't allowed to join the League in 1919 because they were said to have started the war according to the Treaty of Versailles. Russia was also not invited to join because their communist government that raised fear in Europe. Three of the world's most powerful nations were not involved in the League of Nations.
At a social level the League did have success, but it is normally forgotten because of the failure on the political level. Many groups that work for the United Nations now were from the League of Nations. The greatest success though from the social level was informing the world that these problems really did exist and they needed fixing.
Why did the League of Nations fail? Up until the time of World War Two there was neutrality throughout the world. Then Hitler came along and he started the mass extermination of Jews, people with disabilities, and pretty much anyone he didn't like. This was the acts that canceled the League of Nations, but for many years there was peace.
By: Karaline S.