g2s2bg.jpgtripleentente.jpg The Triple Entente was first started with France feeling the need for an ally. By 1895 Russia and France had formed the Dual Alliance. The fall of Otto von Bismarck the German Chancellor was followed by a time of more adventurous foreign policies. The German plan for the Baghdad Railway was met with concerns by the powers with interest in the Middle East. The German commercial rivalry with Britain brought direct trouble but it also brought on the German desire for sea power and a large navy. Great Britain had been in a long period of time where they didn’t have any alliance with other countries but they started looking for an alliance. In 1898 Theophile Déclassé took over French foreign policy, he was opposed to Germany and he hoped to reestablish a relationship with Great Britain. By 1904 they were in an alliance with each other. The reason Russia joined the Triple Entente was because they had been involved in a war with Japan and they lost. After Russia was defeated they looked to France for help to settle the dispute with the Japanese. With a few pushes from France, England and Russia were able to come into an agreement. All of this opened the door to the start of the Triple Entente. England and Russia still didn't trust each other but they both knew that they had to come into this alliance to keep Germany from becoming the major power.The agreement between the 3 countries created the international group opposing the Triple Alliance. France, Russia and Great Britain had formed the Triple Entente.

With the first world war brewing on the horizon both alliances were setting up for war. The world would soon see both sides blow up and finally come to blows. The Entente was not a military alliance but it was an agreement to work together if one of the countries was threatened.

By: Karaline S.